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Very little information is available on the color temp of on-camera flash/speed lights.I have tried a Nikon SB5000 ($600) on my D810 which does list flash at 5500 Kelvin  but some expert photographers have written that Nikon and Cannon speed lights are wildly overpriced. The only other rating I could find was a DIY post listing the Godox V1 at 6000K +(into the blue spectrum) I like the round head of the Godox V1(a much less expensive version of the Profoto [email protected]$795) So..   Can the flash color temp make a difference? I know the color temp can be adjusted in Light room and Photoshop, but is that the same result in terms of quality of a portrait taken with 5500K flash?


  • I am new to taking photos of artwork but not new to photography. Flash color temperature is pretty universal. You compensate for it (and any light source) by setting your camera's white balance to match the light source. If you want to be really accurate, you can use a white balance card to set it your white balance based on a photo of that.
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    There are tons of off brand camera flashes that will work on Amazon that are a lot cheaper. Lumopro, Neewer yongnuo - Lumopro is actually quite reliable but the others maybe not (but they are cheap). I wouldn't trust them for doing a wedding photo shoot but they will work similarly in how they function.
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    Please don’t use a flash on camera. Ugly cast shadows. Burned out lights. Black shadows. Flattened forms. Ok for fill light in sun or used with soft reflectors. If you have a powerful flash it helps to bounce the light off the ceiling. Any flash I ever used was rated about 5500k.
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