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$100k a year regular income


Just been looking at an art business idea that may be of interest.

Progressively, create about 260 large gallery wrap, abstract, impressionist works over say, two years.
As you go along each painting is rented out to clients on min of 12 months contract for $5 to $10 per week.
Longer contracts at a better price and optional change over every six months at a nominal fee.

Average unit income say, $7.50 x 52 = $390
Average annual income say, 260 X $390 = $101,400.

Of course if your going to get serious you’ll need advertising, a van, insurance, taxes, registration etc.

This sounds like a nice steady cash flow business that could support your art addiction, get your name out there and likely generate sales of your work. Well within the capacity of a single artist in a middle size city.

Much better idea than filling the garage or under the bed. Who needs galleries or art fairs?




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