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About digital painting


I'm new to this forum and I recently discovered Mark's tutorials and it's certainly an eyeopener!
I read James Gurney's books and a lot more stuff that's related with painting and color theory because I'm struggling with it and I really want to learn. I'm decent at sketching and perspective but I really struggle to paint and what colors to use, Also I don't have the resources to buy all of the equipment to paint.

All I have is a laptop and a drawing tablet, So I was wondering if I can do everything that Mark's teaching with digital painting?If so, do you have any mixing methods? I would love to have a response because this is all I have right now.

P.S english is my 2nd language so apologies for the grammatical errors.


  • Moogle

    Welcome to the Forum.

    The drawing, mixing and painting as taught by Mark could be done with pixels. Don’t remember seeing any on the Forum done in this way.

    The whole process is possible with many apps or programs. ProCreate is excellent. It has a good perspective drawing feature. Use the layers function to separate the drawing from background colours. Another layer for mid ground. A foreground layer. With additional layers to hold detail or focal areas.
    Fades and gradients work well. Suggest preselecting colours, say eight values for each object in a painting. Build up these colour strings as saved palettes so that you can reliably and easily select colour values.

    There are lots of free YouTube tutorials and examples of finished paintings.

    Your English text is perfect.

    A useful tutorial.

    Create a Color Palette From An Image


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