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Learning to say "no"

Well I know we've all talked about this before...but somehow in the thick of getting ready for my solo show in the spring, I got roped in by a friend to paint Jabba the Hut on a rock near his brewery. Haha I've been putting it off because well...with 2 kids my weekends are busy, and that's generally when I catch up with laundry etc. Well I finally bit the bullet and went over and spent the day, in the woods, in the claw of a bucket loader painting this randomness. I'm glad I did because I actually enjoyed it, and he brought me over a growler of his IPA to drink while I worked. Three beers deep and nothing in my stomach but some bar popcorn and I got the job done. My friend couldnt be happier and it was a little sunshine for the soul helping a good friend out.


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