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Do i need to Stretch a Canvas to paint or i can just pin the linen sheet on a cork board?


  • You can do whatever you like! You may find this useful:
  • Well known artist Richard Schmid often tapes a loose piece of canvas to a board and paints his picture.  He says this makes it easier to "crop and frame" later.  Once the picture is complete, he can move the frame around and decide how and where to cut it for stretching.  I've done that  a few times.  It works well.
  • tassieguy said:
    The most important thing is to get painting. ... The rest is crap.
    Complete agreement.
  • Well, it does matter if you tape it to cardboard.....   I did that once.   And once only.  

    do you see the cardboard ribs that showed up in my painting on linen....   no more cardboard...   I use foamcore from the dollar store.

    Have fun!!!   It is freeing to just cut a piece and paint...   I have pv glue to glue on board if I want...  I have stretcher bars in golden mean sizes when I want to do that....  for me, it is harder to stretch when the painting is finished - I tend not to pull as tight as I would if it were blank so for that reason, if I am going to use my stretcher bar size....  i'll stretch it before painting.....   I love my roll of linen.... I think I've had it 3 years and i'm only about half way through it...     I do use various other panels also (store bought)
    I've learned a ton...……….

    Most of all,, what @tassieguy and @PaulB said...……..    PAINT!!!   too many people mull over technicalities that they stymie themselves.

  • Thanks you much for your tips guys
  • CJDCJD -
    edited September 2019
    Check out the natural pigments painting for posterity article for some other advice on painting supports. The author of that is an expert and is a credible source of info. 

    I recommend dibond for low cost good archival quality and ease of use. Easy to prime a bunch then cut to whatever size you need with a boxcutter. Can also glue canvas to it

    Here are some more articles on painting support stuff
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