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A wall to hang finished paintings help?

I would like to hang my finished oil painting i do on linen, to the wall. There is amy way i can just attach them with pina, because i do not stretchy linen thatn i paint but i pin it to a board, so when i finish i have only the linen paint.
I need a way to hang them with pins to the wall. Any suggestion on the material i cas use to protect the wall from pins? 


  • I buy a lot of artwork, so I've got loads of large prints and several of those really big collage photo frame up around my apartment. Enamel paint for walls is a big relief for hanging big and small wall hangings, posters, etc. If you keep to the instructions and remove the strip parallel to the wall, the wall stays undamaged. I've never had an issue with them taking paint off walls or staying up.
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