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Black and White tool or mirror need help

Hello guys
I would like an instrument to check values of my color painting, like a mirror that i can use to superimpose to the painting, that Will make my image black and white trought the glass.
I tried with my phone camera app, is wonderful easy, but value are not correct since the app use some processing.
Do you know any tool that will allow me to look at just value as i ve painted without any compression or value shift?
(Like you desaturate in Photoshop, but in real life)? 


  • lillo9546

    A red, blue or green gel filter will allow you to see values better. Each with its own bias.

    There is no better value discriminator than Mark’s color checker. The time to check values is when the paint is mixed.

    Try a black and white, grey scale printed photograph. Experiment with dark and light prints.

    A low tech value reduction is possible by squinting or nearly closing your eyes


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