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This bulbs are good? Help :)

Hi i have done a diy chandelier like the one Marc use!
I have four e27 outoput so i can fit 4 e27 bulbs.
I was searching for a 5000k 90+ cri e27 bulb but i couldnt find any!
Only 80+ cri.
90+ cri led bulbs (e27) only comes in 4000k or 6500k that are not good neutral lights.

I may end up buying this what u think?
Could you help me find 90+ 5000k led e27 to buy from italy? :)


  • The 80 CRI 5000K may be your best option if you have no other sources. You could inquire with an electrical contractor.
  • Agree with Bob, if you can't get both high CRI and 5000K, go with the best temperature option.
  • I made my studio light from two Hyperikon 50-watt floodlights (5000K, 84+ CRI, 120-degree beam angle, 4000 lumens each), which came with adjustable brackets and power cords (but no plugs).  I mounted them with 1/4"-20 screws and square nuts on a 24" aluminum T-track ($11 from Amazon), mounted the center of the T-track at one end of a 48" steel shelf standard ($4 from a local hardware store) using a 1/4"-20 screw and square nut, hung a counterweight from the other end, centered the shelf standard atop a photographer's light stand ($12 from Amazon), taped a 6' extension cord with an on/off switch to the light stand, and and plugged the flood lights into the extension cord.  I put the light stand on a table near my easel so the floodlight could reach the ceiling, and I rotated the T-track and shelf standard to put the floodlights above my head at a 35-degree angle to the canvas.

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