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Wet-On-Wet Painting Style

What do you guy's think about this style? Do you think it's an effective oil-painting style?


  • Mark's method is wet on wet without blending. Wet on wet is a very good method.
  • edited May 2013
    Really? Even on the portraits?

  • Yes, have a look at the videos he has available. They will make a believer out of you. Go HERE
  • Yes Wet on wet is an excellent style and don't what Mark teaches is excellent and a fast easy understand and learn. It takes practice like any painting style. It is unlikely you will paint a masterpiece on the first try, but I think you will be surprised how fast you will learn
  • FWIW, I find wet-on-wet very challenging to pull off, but I'm a complete newb. If I'm super careful and have lots of paint on my brush (and keep refilling it), I can get the paint to come off without making mud. But usually, I wind up with mud.

    I'm not convinced Mark's style (meaning draw accurately, mix colors correctly, paint them in the right spot) needs to be wet-on-wet and I'm 100% sure he blends (watch the videos).
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