How do I mix colours with dirty neutrals?

I mix any left over paint and put it ito a jar but when I bring it out I struggle to get the right colour and more importantly value with it? Any advice? 


  • SummerSummer -
    edited August 2019

    I'd love to have this mess to use as a stain on a white primed canvas.  It would take a long time to dry if it is oil based but would be worth it.  Just have it facing a wall to keep the dust off. Adding Liquin Original would speed the drying time greatly. 

    The other thing I would do is paint an overall themed painting by putting a bit of this mess in every color and value I mix normally.  The painting would have a moody cast to it.  Great for nocturnes. 

    This mess is a great mixture to just thin and draw with over a stained canvas with a brush--maybe add a drying agent first--or not.  Adding just a thinner like an odorless mineral spirits would do.

    Some paintings do require this very color/value.  Sounds like you don't have one on hand just now and so it isn't working for you.  I think in time it will. 

    There are more things you can do with this mess that other members might have the time to share here.  Meanwhile, I hope this helps for now.

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