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Interesting way to paint

Dennis Sheehan oil painting demo with a 2" brush and three colors. Landscape. Don't know how to attach it.


  • Is it a YouTube video? Just copy and paste the address.
  • I Googled Dennis Sheehan and found this. I like it a lot and there are several more plus a website, I will check out. This link is only about 4 minutes.
  • I should have mentioned that only the initial lay in is with a 2" brush. He uses several brushes, though admittedly larger than many might use, and a palette knife. I want to look at his website to see more and maybe watch a 30 minute demo I noticed he has on You Tube. It is interesting. Good find Billj. :)
  • David, Thanks
    AZPainter, Your welcome.
  • Az This is the video I seen.
    Two" brush, two colors, paper towels.
    Dennis Sheehan Oil Painting Demo
    adamntys adamntys·15 videos
  • Az ,I finally got it

  • He sort of reminds me of Bob Ross or Bill Alexander, but much better. I am anxious to see how he finishes a painting in a longer demo lie the one you posted. I think thi is an excellent way of laying in a composition and I have seen it done this way, just not with a house painting brush, but that is no big deal either. I have some hog bristle brushes slightly over 2" wide. I also make thin lines with the tip of a brush and pat them soft at times. That is a common technique used by a lot of artists. So far, I have no disagreement with his method and it works for him and when I have used or seen others do a similar lay in it works very well. One other difference I would use an like the brush, no big deal is I would use Walnut oil instead of linseed oil. :) Thanks. :)
  • Well I need to take back the comment of Dennis Sheehan reminding me of Bob Ross only better. Not only is he better, Bob Ross was not qualified to wash this gentleman's brushes! His work remind me strongly of the Barbizon School, and his portraits are wonderful Check out these below. the first is a portrait of Richard Schmid. I also included some Barbizon art for those not familiar with it. It was somewhat a pre-cusor to the impressionists. Dennis Sheehan may not be every ones cup of tea, but looking at some of his finished work, I really like it.
    First is Sheehan's Richard Schmid Then a Barbizon, opne of my favorites of his school, Jules Breton "Song Of The Lark." you can see the comparison by looking at the paintings in the videos and Breton or Googling Barbizon School on Google Images and look at some of the landscapes. Really, good find Billj! Two thumbs up.
  • Thanks Bill... you gave us a jewel!
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