For JessicaArt - Teaser

edited August 2019 in Photography & Printmaking
I'm trying to flush out JessicaArt, so I offer this picture as a reference.  I just spent part of the afternoon at the Rocky Boy Rodeo, photographing the barrel racing and team roping.  Over 1100 shots to plow through, so far.  I'll be heading back out in a bit for the Indian Relay and the full INFR rodeo, so I'll be processing for a while.  101 degrees here in north central Montana.  I smell like a lot of horses right now.  My lens was through the fence, so I can't get any more immersed, unless I get trampled. 

I'm plowing through the photos.  I'm shooting everything in RAW, so processing is better, but longer.  Here is the Flickr link:[email protected]/albums/72157710069536596

As always, if you see something that stirs your creative juices, by all means use it as a reference.




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