Lens for full length portraits


I am wondering what lens I need to do full length portraits if I'm using the Olympus OM-D E-M10? Mark's photography guide says you need more than the kit lens but I'd like to understand what lens would be best.  Thank you for your help as always!


  • mmccabe

    Here is a tutorial link on panorama photography and photo stitching. This covers the principles of the technique.


    In essence you are dividing the view of your 'man and woman on a couch' into a grid of photo spaces and moving the camera view to take a shot of each square with good overlap on each.


    This calculator suggests your pixel goal is 82 megapixels for the size print you want.
    So 82 divided by 16 (your camera) is about 5 shots, call it six to get an even 3 by 2 coverage.
    To allow for a 20% overlap I would estimate 4 by 3, or 12 photos

    I would print the stitched photo at canvas size, that is 24 x 38 by means of using ten A4 size prints and feather them together manually with tape.

    This is quite a bit of effort but worthwhile. This method pulls a huge resolution improvement out of a modest camera and then pulls a huge resolution improvement out of a modest printer.

  • Hi Denis, 

    Thank you. I'll have a look and this might be of use to me. My question was about lenses, though. Does anyone have information regarding the lens size needed for good full length portraits? 

  • mccabe

    The method suggested will give you full length, high resolution portraiture using existing kit.
    Here is the best portraiture lens.

  • @ Denis, you are an amazing resouce for this site, thanks!  I could spend a couple of days just pulling up your posts and would have an amazing amount of useful relevant information, and resources to turn to for more information. Your generosity is appreciated!
  • Ephram

    Thank you for your kind words. Only too glad to help. By doing so I can learn and understand the complexities of drawing, mixing and painting.


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