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I bought a large roll of primed canvas, without thinking ahead of how I was going to hang it in my studio, or even how to cut it without creasing it.
Thanks ahead of time for your advice


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    This video may be of some help to you.  I watched it some time ago and was impressed.  Your question is giving me an excuse to watch it again.  :)

  • Thankyou. 
    He doesn't seem worried about creases like I am .  I have a full-length roll which is twice the size of what he has lengthwise.  And i the canvas is on a hard heavy roll.

    But this was a useful video 😁
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    I have an issue with creased oil primed canvas, and I support the roll by adding masking tape on 4 areas of the roll keeping it closed. I store it in an area where it won't be disturbed until needed.
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    Buy a length of PVC drain pipe and end caps.
    Cut to standard sizes with wrap round margin for stretcher bars. Roll same size pieces around a length of dowell and into cardboard tubes.


  • I haven't tried this personally on canvas already primed, but you could try spritzing creases with distilled water.  I'd spritz just those pieces of cut canvas you are about to use next.  Consider spritzing before and/or after stretching on your stretcher bars.  Because the application of water to canvas can sometimes cause mold to form, I'd make sure the pieces of water-treated canvas are thoroughly dry before using.   Treatments are available if mold should develop.  The climate you are painting in can be a key factor in this situation.


  • @judmac you're getting a lot of great advice - I have had a large roll for a few years now - it is double oil primed (not gesso like his video - I do not rip mine - I cut on a tile floor area)….  How did yours arrive?  Mine was shipped in a tube.  It is very long and heavy - it stays in my living room (no one seems to notice it)  I have to walk/dump the roll out of the tube...  I take my appropriate measurements and then usually roll the small cut pieces - creases are a huge pain - I never fold - I have put many different rolled pieces in luggage and it works fine.  I like to use a lot of golden mean sizes so I also purchased golden mean size stretcher bars so if I have a painting I like, I'll stretch it - super easy.  I've tried the glue - I just question myself about the boards so that is why the stretcher bars are easier for me.

    I allow for 3 inches on each measured side to accommodate wrapping on the stretcher bars and also that is taped off usually....
    the first picture I could fine - can you see how the masking tape is framing the cut piece of linen?  I just take the tape off when I am done - easy peasy.    I keep all sizes of linen sheets - you can see this piece is small.  I also have a very large cut piece that is taped off and ready to paint for when I get the nerve to paint my masterpiece.

    here is a larger piece taped to foam core - I never fold - always roll the sheets no matter the size.

    Here is my massive roll:

    can you see it back there at the floor molding (I've been framing so ignore the rest...)

    If I didn't have the tube, I don't know what I would do.....   probably roll it and put some ribbon to tie it (not elastics or it could crease it)

    Anyway, good luck!  You'll love having linen at your disposal - any time, shape, size...
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    The best anti mould/fungal treatment Is clove oil.  A few drops in your spritz water will prevent spore from developing.


  • dencal said:

    The best anti mould/fungal treatment Is clove oil.  A few drops in your spritz water will prevent spore from developing.


    Thanks, Denis.  I will add that information to my notes.
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