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Images in the forum

ellaella -
edited January 2013 in Technical Support
Hello to all. I'm so glad that I found this site. I've been planning on buying the TCM video for a long time but had put it off. Glad I did.

Anyway, a question. On the forum a number of people - including Mark - have photos of their artwork. But they only show up on my computer as thumbnails (about an inch or so square). I can put the mouse over them and they list sizes that should be quite large, but I just can't figure out how to see them full size. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but it's frustrating since I can't really see them.

I am really looking forward to the first full painting video.


  • Try to just click or double click on them.
  • If that does not work, it may be that you are running an old browser that needs updating. I would highly recommend getting Chrome, just google it, download it and install it. It works better than any of the others in lots of ways.
  • Thanks so much for getting back to me. Click and double click didn't word and neither did updating. So I tried turning off the popup blocker and that did the trick. First time I've ever had to do that, but I guess my computer just decided to be flaky.
  • Welcome Ella! Looking forward to seeing your paintings. :)
  • ellaella -
    edited November 2012
    Thanks Gary. Unfortunately it might be awhile before I have any paintings to show. I'm in the middle of a house repaint and trying to get the right studio space carved out of the house. Hopefully everything will be settled out before the holiday season starts so I can get into some serious painting. At least that's the plan.

    The only recent painting I have is an egg tempera icon I did during a workshop. Other than that I do have a few acrylic paintings that I did at University in the 70's, but I would only show them as a "before and after" thing. They are rather awful.
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