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Dust is driving me crazy

I have a little studio to paint in. It's constructed out of lengths of black poplin and it's like a square tent. I would have thought this would keep most of the dust out, but it doesn't. Also, my place swims with fine creamy-colored hair which falls off my little Shih Tzu dog.  It is soooo frustrating. I don't quite know what to do. I thought I might go out and buy a Dyson air purifier - but I honestly don't know how well they work.

I live in a very dusty area - Southport on the Gold Coast. It's quite close to the ocean so you would think this would keep the dust down - but unfortunately I think a lot of dust is stirred up by construction and lots of traffic. I have so much bric-a-brac in my paintings it's a wonder you can see the image.

Would appreciate any tips anyone might have.....


  • I have to commit to dusting and vacuuming my living space twice in a 7 day period or so, and a thorough job of it is absolutely necessary where I live. I also wash 4 fans on a weekly basis. But it also really works a world of wonder for me and my painting experience and my health.
  • Shave the dog or get a vacuum cleaner with a water bath that captures all the dust and hair. I don't know if they are still available, I don't see them advertised anymore but they work. Let it run by itself with the nozzle in the air for 2 hours and go get tea. When you get back the room is dust-free.
  • @Forgiveness  What, only twice a week?  I vacuum and steam the floors every two days!  I don't do it because of dust so much - I do it because the floor is tiled with white porcelain tiles and they always look and feel beautiful when they are sparkling clean. Thanks for the feedback.

    @Bob  I do shave the dog in summer, but even then she will lose hair. In winter it's lovely to let her get a little bit fluffy. I will investigate vacuum cleaners with water baths - I have a feeling there might be one type available but I've never taken much notice.

    I will let you know if I find one.  Thank you for your feedback. 

  • @BOB73  I decided to do a bit of research.  Went onto Gumtree (like Craig's list to overseas Forum members) and rang someone selling a water-based vacuum --- he was selling it because his wife hated emptying the foul smelling water

    Anyway, he told me did some research and came across this Chinese Uni Student who simply taped a Hepa Filter across the front of a reverse-fan and it did the job beautifully.  He said it was black with dust etc in a surprisingly small amount of time.

    So the Gumtree man's plan is to buy a Hepa filter and tape it to the BACK of an ordinary fan, and see if this works.  I can't see any reason why it wouldn't, so I'm off to see where I can buy a Hepa filter large enough to do the job. i'm pretty sure the DYSON Hepa filters are large enough, and I can get them on eBay.

    I will keep you informed.
  • I went online and found a fabulous do-it-yourself youtube video for an air purifier that you can build for $25 by a Dr Jeffrey Terrell, Director of the Michigan Sinus Centre, using a Hepa filter and a fan.  The Hepa filter is the type used for furnaces, being 20"x20", and it's basically just stuck onto the front of a fan.  How wonderful is that? Now I have to figure out where to buy one.  I hope this information helps other people as well.
  • I took the Fellowes AeraMax100 air purifier for my studio. Actually it does help me to reduce the amount of dust in the room. Also it looks nice and for me it is important, though it sounds stupid.  
  • Could the poplin be shedding small fibers, is it sized?  Perhaps the small space with poplin walls is trapping in dust. Ventilation of some sort is probably needed, but poplin walls are going to make it difficult. 
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