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"Broken Crown" 24x36

So for the gala this year they are honoring the 30th anniversary of Easy Goer winning a bunch of races, the travers & whitney which has only been done 1x by the same horse in the same year,and the belmont that same year where he crushed his west coast rival Sunday Silence's chance at a triple crown. Thus the name "broken crown" the pictures from 1989 are lacking in comparison to the high def shots I'm used to working with PLUS lacking in the creativity/interesting department so i did my best with the horse and thought this deep blue/black background would give it some oomph. I'm going to go back in tomorrow and soften some of the hard lines between horse and background but other than that I'm done...this is always such a nerve wracking artists curse commission. I'll be nervous until the auction is done!


  • Bluer and truer is good. there's such a long straight line hip to the end of the tail. A little swish of loose "hairs in the airs" might add a little interest. The tail looks too short anyway. 
  • yeah, the background is too wet right now to do that with the whisps, I think I lost a bit of the tail in background painting. I'll have to go in and wipe some out! haha
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