I'm embracing Mark's 'no-rules' policy and posting this painting I did of a lion pride.
2' x 4' on acrylic on canvas. I've always had a thing for drawing & painting animals and wildlife since I was a kid. I was bolstered to share this by several fine examples in the Forum Gallery of others who apparently share my love for animals. ( Kingston, Drawmyface and Sue's Deutscher - beautiful paintings!!) Not much blending going on here as the acrylics dry soooo fast. Good inadvertent practice i suppose for DMP methodology. :-)

If any are interested, the lions are largely done from memory and old drawing references, the exception being the large male. I took his photo at the Calgary Zoo. The savannah and bg trees are also just painted without reference from my 'idea' of what they should look like.
I wanted the pride to appear as if they are just moving out of the shade to track down their next meal.
A friend of mine said " you wouldn't want to be whatever it is they're looking at."
made me laugh.
anyway - enjoy,

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  • Oh my gosh, that's awesome!
  • Thanks for all your kind comments. I'm looking forward to trying some wildlife projects now that i'm back to the oil paints.(A la Carder of course. The black paint is drying on my brand new color checker as we speak. I'm taking the DMP plunge.) Kinda exciting and unnerving at the same time.
  • Fabulous ^:)^ . Thank you for sharing.
  • Whoa this is good!
  • Sorry, 'good' is not the word here.
    Substitute: Incredible, amazing. fantastic and words like that...
  • Outstanding James! :)
  • jcdr said:

    I wanted the pride to appear as if they are just moving out of the shade to track down their next meal.



    For a minute there I thought the male was saying:

    " Everything the light touches is our kingdom".
  • Truly amazing work! Excellent light source, brilliant painting!!! =D>
  • Wow! you're all so kind, u made my day. Actually blushing a tad. :\">
  • jcdr; "Your back in oil paints" Please don't leave again. Your work is GREAT!!! I can feel the fur. I'm glad their not looking at me. ^:)^ ^:)^ ^:)^
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    Bravo! Awesome! Love the light and textures, fur, bark, dry grass and the expressions on the lions faces. I'm glad the female closest to the male isn't looking at me. She appears hungry and ready to get down to business :-S .
  • holy crap! sorry for saying crap. I just saw this because when I tried before I sat there waiting for the image. Damn! This is awesome! =D>
  • @ billj - Thanks, I hope to never put the paints away again. Future work opportunities may cause me to take the occasional hiatus, but i'm as 'full-time' on this as I can be. I just frickin' love it.
    @ Sue_d - glad you like it... and saying crap is perfectly ok by me. You should see my posts before I go back and edit out the expletives.
    @Cin_D - your comment " I'm glad the female closest to the male isn't looking at me. She appears hungry and ready to get down to business"
    Funny you should say that. I repositioned her 3 times. Even though I usually plot out a painting with sketches, studies and such, I like to keep the process open and organic. Nothing is too precious to change if it's not working.
    I've attached a couple thumbnails of the early stages as examples.
    Initially she was looking at the viewer, but it made the painting more about that one lion than the overall pride. My eye just kept going back to her, but not in a good way i felt. So I repainted her in hard profile, but she looked flat and lacking dimension so I went back to something similar to the original pose with her walking forward but i changed her eyeline so she was also looking off into the distance - bingo.
    looking at this prelim, I kinda like the feel of the sunlight more at this stage than in the finished product, but, like Mark apparently, i'm seldom completely happy with my paintings. Like all of us, objectivity is a hard thing to hold onto, all I see are things that I feel didn't work and areas I'd like to fix.
    I guess that's always part of the motivation for the next painting. The "maybe this time I'll get it right' thing.
    Sorry I didn't mean to blather on & on.
    Once again, thanks for your very kind comments.
  • Outstanding :(( :> <:-P
  • James,
    That background info is so interesting, thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed hearing about your process and the painting's journey from concept to completion. So, blather some more! :) The lighting... well, I think you nailed it in the final piece. The lighting brings my focus to that female and her face and body language tell the story of hunger and the hunt that is about to begin. So, again Bravo! and can't wait to see your next painting. =D>
  • Wow this is absolutly great! Well done James!
  • That is amazing! the depth you've managed to capture is stunning. also the rim light on the front two is perfect in bringing them forward.
  • Oh my gosh ... your work is beautiful... thank you for showing a little of how you accomplish your composition... so wonderful!!! Great to have you here! ^:)^
  • Wow! This is beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work!
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