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WIP - Untitled- 12x16 Oil on canvas

Need help finishing this one - what does it lack? Any criticism or advice is welcome. 


  • Terrible picture- I’m going to see if I can get a better one and post it. 

  • Took this one outside although it’s cloudy and rainy. I think my iPhone will take better photos when it has more to work with :)
  •  I didn't notice the other elk at first, which may have been your intention (if so, i wouldn't consider it a flaw). My eye is drawn to the upper left, which I assume is mountainous terrain, lighter in value  to indicate distance. Maybe darken it a little? I'm pretty new at this and I know others here are much more qualified to give this kind of advice.
    But my first and strongest impression is that this painting is a knockout. Well done.
  • Thanks @MBJohnson. The painting actually looks closer to the top photo. The upper left is supposed to be snow on a distant mountainside. I was trying to “maintain the abstraction” but maybe it doesn’t work. I debated about the way to depict the other elk, i.e. I wanted him back in the shadows but he may be too dark. I’m sort of using this as a practice piece and trying some different things, so I appreciate your feedback. 
  • I like the values and color. It took me a second to notice the bird. I've been studying Andrew Loomis and his theory on informal subdivision composition. One of the things he points out is you should never position anything in the center of a plain. I would recommend finding a copy of Creative Illustration and studying what he teaches on composition. I've been reading it and learning a lot from it.

  • That’s great @Rich_A. I’ve heard of Loomis but don’t have any of his books. This is great. I’ll try to pick up the book. I like the examples you posted. 
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