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Marks Video: Top six reasons why artists fail

This video could not have come at a better time for me.  I LOVED it.


Mark talks about the 6 main reasons artists fail, in his opinion.


Life gets in the way is the first one.  This is soooo true.  It reminds me that I must put painting FIRST and life SECOND.  (Let's face it, a lot of what we call 'life' is just a process of worrying about things)


Discipline/personality -- Thankfully, I am one of those people who can spend hours in the studio painting, and I agree with Mark that this is an essential part of painting.


I genuinely believe that you have to stick with one Method. Of course, there might be better methods out there, and maybe every principle in one Method is not going to be the best one --- who cares!  Make the Method work for you. Have faith.


Poor instruction -- I have gone from teacher to teacher throughout my life - and because of the nature of classes, it's impossible to do more than put out fires.  Mark revolutionised my approach to painting with his Method. I think a 50% improvement in my first DMP painting is HUGE....and I'm grateful for it. I'm 72 now, and I might not have much time left. I want to paint beautiful pictures. I need to fix my head so that I can get on with it.


The Artist's Curse --   It is sooo true. I am torn between loving my work as I paint, because I think painting stems from some kind of inner love, as crazy as that sounds, and then feeling embarrassed at the poor quality of the end result (and yet, sometimes, feeling pride and pleasure at what I have been able to create, although I'm ashamed of telling this to anyone in case they think I'm a fool. But that's only on a good day. On a bad day I think the whole painting is rubbish) It's essential to accept that the Artist's Curse is just part of the Deal.


I have put painting off for the last two months, and this might have continued even longer because there are lots of things happening in my life that distract me. So I am going to change that. I am going to make painting a priority, and then I will work everything else in around it. I will do my best to make this a long-term strategy.


Thank you, Mark.




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    Mark is right about all of those points. Keep at it Dianna. You're a fabulous painter.  I'm getting on a bit, too, and physically can't do what I used to and no longer have much excitement in my life but I am still able to paint and that keeps me interested. Just need to keep those six points in mind. Thanks for posting them.  :)
  • SummerSummer -
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    An iron?  Isn't that something you use to get wrinkles out of Claessens linen when hot-gluing it to a sheet of aluminum?  ;)
  • @tassieguy  Thanks for your comments, Rob :) 

    @boudicca and @Summer   I must have missed something - I wish I understood what you mean but I don't quite get it :/:)   

    It's 8.20am now, and I'm about to have a quick shower AND THEN GO INTO MY STUDIO AND START PAINTING.  
    [Deleted User]
  • SummerSummer -
    edited July 2019
    @Dianna Mark appears to be breaking in a new shirt in his latest video.  Take a closer look.   We can't all afford wardrobe engineers.  ;)   I don't iron my studio shirts either.  Summer
  • @Summer   Oooohh  hilarious!!  Yes, it would be impossible to avoid noticing that!  He seems to have a special selection of shirts that he launders himself and keeps on hand for 'special occasions' such as making a video.  Very classy.   :)    Luckily he's a bloody good teacher.
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