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Car trick?

Anyone know if the hot car drying trick works for gamvar too? 


  • JessicaArt

    From Gamblin
     A single thin coat of Gamvar usually dries tack-free in 18-24 hours. Cold temperatures and, especially, high humidity can slow dry time by several hours.
    So you can assume that a hot car will speed the drying time by several hours, say 15-21 hours.


  • Thanks @dencal 2 of them really needed a second coat. Was hoping to take them on the road with me tonight... we'll see, prob wont make the cut.  Car parked in the sun so I'll update! haha 
  • By the way! The car trick worked wonders on speed drying the Gamvar. I varnished it in the morning and was able to safely transport it by 530 that night! 
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