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A Painter At Heart

dlaildlail -
edited June 29 in Off-Topic Discussion
Going through some files today and ran across a photo of a self portrait from when I was in high school. I guess I have always known I wanted to be a painter.

When did you first know you were a painter at heart?

SummerCJDMichaelDPaulBForgivenesskaustavMBoudiccatassieguyMBJohnson[Deleted User]HondoRW


  • Seems like we are all rediscovering our inner artist later in life. I ended up being a graphic designer @CJD - and it isn’t anything like being an artist. 
    Forgiveness[Deleted User]HondoRW
  • dlaildlail -
    edited June 30
    Yeah - life has started settling down and I have found I’m less in a rush. I have the time to really focus on projects now.
  • WOW @Forgiveness what an amazing story, thank you for sharing it. 
  • I think we had a similar discussion before where it was mentioned that humans are born artists. After food and shelter, there's art (or creating things) as the third priority. The truth of this is in the earliest cave paintings, decorated pottery, baskets and clothing adorned with beads and shells.
    dlail[Deleted User]
  • At, you guessed it, 52! I decided to get back into painting. I had previously attended art college in my 20’s, so there was a bit of a gap...
    MichaelDdlail[Deleted User]HondoRW
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