A Painter At Heart

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Going through some files today and ran across a photo of a self portrait from when I was in high school. I guess I have always known I wanted to be a painter.

When did you first know you were a painter at heart?

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  • Seems like we are all rediscovering our inner artist later in life. I ended up being a graphic designer @CJD - and it isn’t anything like being an artist. 
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    Yeah - life has started settling down and I have found I’m less in a rush. I have the time to really focus on projects now.
  • WOW @Forgiveness what an amazing story, thank you for sharing it. 
  • I think we had a similar discussion before where it was mentioned that humans are born artists. After food and shelter, there's art (or creating things) as the third priority. The truth of this is in the earliest cave paintings, decorated pottery, baskets and clothing adorned with beads and shells.
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  • At, you guessed it, 52! I decided to get back into painting. I had previously attended art college in my 20’s, so there was a bit of a gap...
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  • I loved to draw as a child, as most children like to do at 11 years old. When in grade school I would d raw and show my pictures to my teacher.

    I also loved to write stories. For some reason the school thought I was gifted- if you read the stories or saw the pictures you would think they were nuts!

    But in grade 6 they (the school) decided to send me a few days a week to a local college in a creative writing class and put me into a few fine arts classes. They use to pay for taxi's for me there and back. The creative writing classes didn’t amount to anything. And unfortunately for me the arts programs at the time were mostly batiking and weaving. But they did have a life drawing class. It didn’t take too long before I was told it wasn’t appropriate for a young person sketching nudes.

    I did meet some very interesting people at the school. My Mum said they were all hippies who went to school because they didn’t want to work for a living. Haha

    Now jump from 11 years old to let’s say 45.

    Found myself with an illness that left me self absorbed.

    I decided to start painting to distract myself –from myself.

    I have been painting, crafting sculpting for about 13 years now.

    Sold quite a bit, mostly regret it. One of a kind and all that.

    I love (loved acrylic) but I really want to paint in oils.

    Found Marks site and decided it’s time.

    Now I just have to leap!

    I’d like to start with a portrait of my mother from a sepia photo.

    But having a heck of a time trying to figure out what value of skin tones to use.



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