Photographing my paintings

I've read through Mark's guide for photographing paintings in which he recommends photographing outside.  That is the ONLY way I've been able to get satisfactory results.  Unfortunately, that isn't always an option for me so that frequently, I need to do my photography indoors.

Inside, the best location is in my workshop with brown chipboard walls, concrete floor and an unfinished ceiling.  Plus power tools, workbenches, etc.   However, I can't seem to get decent color, even using a white card or color settings on my camera.  I use fluorescent lights and have plenty of light, but I think my problem is all of the reflected light from walls, floor, open ceiling, workbenches, etc.  

Has anybody solved a similar problem?  I could paint most of the workshop white, but it is a "well established" workshop, so that would be pretty difficult.  



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