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Mixing greens

I'm having extreme trouble matching a green colour using the Geneva basic five colours. Do I need extra colours to make this achievable? 


  • The drawback of any 5-color primary palette is yellow and ultramarine are almost opposites on some colorspaces.  For example in HSL ultramarine's hue-angle is 224, cad yellow 58.  That's 186-degrees apart. (Which is NOT the same as mixing...)  But you can have difficulties mixing high-chroma hues without a green palette color, a chrome green or phthalo green.  Mr. Carder refers to power colors, addl. colors needed to create some high-value hues.

    For landscapes and seascapes,  I favor adding a green, cyan or teal to bridge this gap in hue-angles.
  • just ondering does anyone use the phalo blue mark sells for landscapes? how does it go?

  • I agree that a green pigment is a helpful addition to the palette for landscapes. With just UB and CY it's not possible to mix all of the great variety of greens we can see in nature. I use viridian and/or phthalo in my tree paintings.
  • you just need to add phthalo blue to your palette and you'll be able to mix all the greens. I wouldn't get Geneva phthalo - I'd get something less expensive as you'll only need a small amount of it. Phthalo is cheaper than some other more expensive green/blue pigments
  • Thanks, great answers! So basically I need Phthalo blue. CJD which would you recommend? Do I need to add an oil to it to make it perform the same as Geneva paint? 
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