Studio Lights

Hi everyone. I've been missing in action for a while but now I'm trying to get back into painting.

Quick question

My studiois a really small room and the light is dead centre making it impossible for me to use a colour checker because of the glare. Thinking outside the box I'm wondering if a painting umbrella above my easel would help.Any thoughts?


  • Veronique

    The light falling on your easel, palette and color checker should be as similar as possible.
    Additionally, a good level of light strength at mid easel should be between 800 to 1000 lumens.
    An umbrella is just going to make this setup much more difficult to achieve.


  • Get a couple of inexpensive clamp-lights at the hardware store and turn the ceiling fixture off.  Daylight 5000k LED bulbs at 90-CRI aren't that expensive, ...and they run-cool so you can use deflectors and defusers without setting the place on fire.  I have several attached to high bookshelves.

    The 93-CRI and 95-CRI bulbs are more expensive, but you likely don't need them.  And you don't need a lot of light, too-bright and your values and colors may be washed out.
  • I own clamp loghts but never thought of using them thanks for the tip

  • Though clamps make sense if you have something to rig them on.  I use a light stand.  I have had one in the shop for a long time.  It holds one of those halogen lamps people use for their cars.  I replaced that recently with a 15 dollar LED that comes with a remote and that one can tune all kinds of crazy levels and tints with.  I also have some 5000k bulbs but I have not created the ideal fixture for those yet.
  • The Videomaker website has some excellent short articles on studio lighting and portraiture.  Photographers have many of the same issues with light ...or the lack of light... and as a much larger industry there are tons of commercially-available gear to solve them.  And DYI fixes...

    Definitly worth an hour or four poking about their free articles.
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