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Transposing background

edited June 2019 in Painting
Hello DMPers!

I am about to start a new piece of a nude figure. I'd like to paint the figure in different context than the room where I shot them. Probably an outdoor scene. Not highly detailed.

Does anyone have info or can point me to any videos that cover how to do this so that image "works"? I have the impression that it's important to keep in mind vanishing points and ensure that those comply between the figure and the background that I create. Also there will have to be some consistency between the tones and values, of course.... Any tips on how to do this? What consistencies are most important when doing this? 

Time to experiment!



  • Hi @mmccabe ~ I would suggest creating a composite in a photo editing program like Photoshop. This will give you the flexibility to see how different backgrounds will look. It will also allow you to balance the color and contrast of both. 
  • I would try a Google Image Search of paintings of nudes and see the backgrounds that other artists used and put them in your image processor or just visualize if they would work for you or not. 
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