Canvas stain in acrylic

Hello all
Any reason why I shouldn't use acrylic paints (white & B Umber mix) to stain my canvas & then proceed with painting in oils? I already have these paints
Many TIA


  • Yes you can do this. Fine to paint over acrylics with oils. Not a good idea to do it the other way round.
  • I just posted this exact question lol guess I should have checked the forum first. I don't understand why not seeing as the canvas is to be primed with acrylic, and the acrylic "stain" would dry faster and act as a good foundation to lay oils on
  • A lot of people prefer to use oil primed canvas / board rather than an acrylic based gesso  primed surface. It’s far smoother and non absorbent so the paint doesn’t sink in and lose the gloss finish. In that case you can’t then stain with acrylic.
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