Geneva's gloss

Well...I'm trying out a new print shop and I'm a little nervous. My old shop had this super hitech approach to capturing an image where they put the painting in a dark room with perfect light balance, closed the door and exposed the image for like 20 min....then went through a rigorous routine of removing any glare (which we all know is an issue even non varnished with geneva paints) inch by inch in a photoshop type of program, then proceeded with the color matching. Problem is they were a 2 hour drive. So in found a local place....but it seems this guy just takes a photo with his camera said he uses a flash and plays with lighting etc. He seems knowledgeable, but it's just not as sci-fi as I've used in the past. What kind of techniques have your printers used? Should I be nervous, or does this sound normal. Hes also charging me $100 per painting. (Thats with a 15% discount for photographing 6 paintings) 


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