Speed dry?

So remember how I painted over that pole on my Jockey painting, with Titanium white... ALOT of it... haha Well, today I went through with a razor blade to remove this bumped up edge that was along where the pole used to be, that just stuck out like a sore thumb, then REpainted with the titanium. Its going to need another coat and my show is end of July...plus I wanted to get this photographed. Any ideas on how to speed this up a notch? 


  • Did you use Geneva White?

    If you leave a normal titanium white paint out where it can receive indirect light and heat it should dry within the 6 weeks you have until the end of July.
  • Just a suggestion.  I hope you take pictures before you fix it with the above suggestions.  It looks perfect from my view.  Get these views taken first.  :)
  • @JessicaArt to be even further polarizing, here is what I am doing.  I have a show coming up and need my lilacs varnished ASAP - frames are ordered - I have a few days.  If the great David Leffel puts his paintings in a hot, sunny window area and varnishes within a week, I think my thick lilacs should be ready by tomorrow - we are having really hot days here - 100 degrees - so I pulled my car in the driveway, facing the hot afternoon sun and they are baking beautifully.
  • this is just brilliant @Julianna
  • Watch they dont cook too fast, don’t wont those nice cakes overdone @Julianna
  • Thats the most expensive looking paint dryer I have seen, but I guess you could use it as a car as well.

  • @Summer too late! Haha already fixed it, looks the same via the camera but it was an imperfection that was bothering me...so now it will be much better. Going to try car baking like @Julianna once it warms up here next week! Haha 
  • JessicaArt

    Local drying acceleration with a heat gun (hair dryer on steroids) on low setting.
    A fan heater or a radiant heater may be useful in the studio - manage fire risk carefully.
    Safest Way may be to buy or build a light box with say, three incandescent bulbs. Sitting face down will protect from dust and maintain a warm to hot environment depending on the wattage.
    I remember years ago Mark suggested warming in a low set oven to accelerate drying.

  • Send the paintings to North India...I'll resend them two days later after they reach here  ;)
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