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Hi all,
I hope it's ok to post this here as I don't want to detract from any of Mark's possible sales but I came across this excellent video on how to make a cheap homemade palette out of basically junk.
This is mostly for all those artists outside the US that can't purchase Mark's own equipment.



  • dencaldencal -
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    I like what he did here, except for the angle of the glass. This setup will reflect the glare of his studio lights directly into his eyes. Fatigue and errant values will be the first problems.

  • I've been scanning my neighborhood for discarded refrigerators ever since I first saw this trick on YT. Andrew T. wasn't first but his mounting was a great idea as well.
  • You want a homemade palette from regular objects? I made one...build something like this for yourself. Fully functional.

  • For simply making a glass pallet to hold paint on just go to the dollar store and buy yourself a picture frame of whatever size you want. Simply take the glass out and gesso or whatever to the back side and you've got yourself a glass pallet. Mine was 4$
  • I bought a couple Mijello-type sealable palettes for my paints, and use a separate piece of glass ...or even a paper plate... for mixing.  That way the unused paint can go back into the small refrig to store, or into my deep freezer if I'm not going to use them for a while.  With several palettes available I can have different color palettes handy for different purposes.  Sometimes I'll just scoop some paint out onto the glass with a palette knive and put the palette back in the refrig if I just need a few colors and want to use-up some of the open paint rather than more tube-paint.
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