Portrait Artist of the Year 2014 (UK)


This link is a series of programs featuring competitive portraiture with live models.
Good viewing, each 44 minutes.
I have watched episode two and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the different techniques and styles.
Intend to watch some more.




  • PaulBPaulB mod
    I just watched these too, thoroughly recommended.

    There is a "Portrait Artist of the Year 2015" series also, then it shifts to "Landscape Artist of the Year 2016", and another for 2017.  I've watched/listened to them all, they make great accompaniment to painting.  The first series, linked above, is I think the best, it concludes wonderfully.
  • Thank you Dencal! I've tried to look for these before (not having Sky Atlantic) but never found them.

    It it interesting to see how the programme and artists compare to the BBC's Big Painting Challenge Programme. This SKY programme has professional artists, whilst the BBC one are all amateurs, but there is also more focus on the artists and getting to know them at the beginning in the BBC programme. The Sky one didn't really go through the artists until they were already painting which seemed a bit strange..
  • CJDCJD -
    edited June 2019
    I watched some of these too and found it nice to see two of the artists I've followed on Instagram for a while (raoof.h and hester berry)
  • I've watched some of these as well.  Talk about the hot seat!  Very emotional for me to watch. 
  • I’ve been watching the new episodes as they are posted to YouTube. It’s quite interesting to see the wide range of interpretations of the same sitter or landscape. Too bad there’s probably not a market for an American version.
     They should do more asking the participants about their technique and artistic influences. 
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