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Hi, I am struggling and undecided as to how many colour groups I need to mix. I haven’t painted oils in a year. I was thinking? Black leadings to red, Black leading to grey, Black to brown, yellow orange group ??? 


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    Nice photo! I see black to orange and blue group. Wide variety of oranges that could include yellow in some areas. You may want to consider black-orange, and blue black. Maybe just me or the photo here, but I don't see red in here, perhaps red-orange and yellow-orange? 
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    Hey. We missed you.

    Two groups orange and grey.


  • @dencal, I was hoping you would advise ...I had Man trouble , I met one and married him 6 months later ! E is away on business at the moment, s trying to squeeze in some me time , as well as trying to get the house ready to sell..... Major declutter needed  B)
  • Dencal, is right, there is only orange and a blue grey. If you mix an orange colour string and a grey blue one you can mix the two to get greyish colours between the two hues. Here is the photo in 8 colour steps:

  • Yep, what they said and welcome back too. I was going to suggest make a color group for the flesh tones, all the other orangy browny things will be close in color to the flesh tones and can be value adjusted from those plus a lot of burnt umber. As a matter of composition, I (personally according to my tastes) would omit that slash triangle that looks like a "skip forward" icon on a video player. Also if there is any detail to his working hand like a wrench or bolt. that could be expressed as well.
  • @BOB73  and @Richard_P, thanks Guys, he is wearing a large glove ! 
  • Ok, time to confess that since I posted this I got my painting three quarter done… fixing the house for sale, an finding ourselves virtually homeless as the house sold quickly … I moved to Northern Ireland from the south, we had to buy something very quickly ,which means I live inUK now .. quite a change!!  I have as my mother in law calls it “ a refuge” in the new house, that houses my huge art supply and a king size bed when I want peace and quiet, a no snoring zone ..  😂😂 anyway .. my last studio was separate from the house and I had blocked out all external light and used daylight bulbs, the lighting is much different in this room, I can control it a bit… i have popped in to check in on everyone, but haven’t commented. I saw @abstractions post on using burnt umber when making black… so, some parts of my painting have dried very flat and grey, other parts are rich in colour. I have mixed up a fell range of blacks and browns leading to orange .. I suppose the best thing to do is to re paint what I have already done, as it looks so different from the source photo in the new light and then finish the rest of the painting.  The other thing is, I know someone posted or commented on it a while back… the painting won’t be viewed in “ daylight”  but in the usual tungsten bulb light … should I have used regular household lighting while painting it to get a better effect . Phew …. Missed you lot x @dencal @Richard_P @BOB73@Forgiveness.  And others … I have been painting a bit of watercolour, and pouring , but lost my mojo … determined to finish this 
  • Marie! Welcome back. Happy to see you here again! You've had quite the adventure.. :)
  • @Richard_P I wouldn’t dare tell you all, half of it 😂
  • Fascinating perspective (well, I've generally tried to avoid being in the situation as your protagonist there. Although as a kid I once threw something on the railway tracks from the platform to give myself a valid reason to jump down and retrieve it, which I did, then my mum caught me climbing back up and gave me a decent whack and threw the toy back. I cried, not because she hit me, but because the toy was lost forever. The tragic loss of the toy? Ha. It was one of my sister's fake plastic painted fingernails that didn't mean anything to me otherwise.)
    I lightly oiled out the matt sections (and wiped off excess) of my darks before putting on another coat. I've taken at times to using mars black mixed with other paints to warm or cool. It's interesting, I can barely tell the darks apart on the palette or source photo, but when they go on the canvas - warmer here, cooler there - objects do appear in the darkness.
    You're obviously fairly handy with a paint brush - you're making a great fist of this complex drawing.
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    So! Your gonna keep us in suspenders huh?

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