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Advice needed

Hi, I am struggling and undecided as to how many colour groups I need to mix. I haven’t painted oils in a year. I was thinking? Black leadings to red, Black leading to grey, Black to brown, yellow orange group ??? 


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    Nice photo! I see black to orange and blue group. Wide variety of oranges that could include yellow in some areas. You may want to consider black-orange, and blue black. Maybe just me or the photo here, but I don't see red in here, perhaps red-orange and yellow-orange? 
  • MarieB

    Hey. We missed you.

    Two groups orange and grey.


  • @dencal, I was hoping you would advise ...I had Man trouble , I met one and married him 6 months later ! E is away on business at the moment, s trying to squeeze in some me time , as well as trying to get the house ready to sell..... Major declutter needed  B)
  • Dencal, is right, there is only orange and a blue grey. If you mix an orange colour string and a grey blue one you can mix the two to get greyish colours between the two hues. Here is the photo in 8 colour steps:

  • Yep, what they said and welcome back too. I was going to suggest make a color group for the flesh tones, all the other orangy browny things will be close in color to the flesh tones and can be value adjusted from those plus a lot of burnt umber. As a matter of composition, I (personally according to my tastes) would omit that slash triangle that looks like a "skip forward" icon on a video player. Also if there is any detail to his working hand like a wrench or bolt. that could be expressed as well.
  • @BOB73  and @Richard_P, thanks Guys, he is wearing a large glove ! 
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