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So I will be starting my biggest yet painting... a 36x72. Can't find this in the stores, and haven't stretched my own canvas since college, so don't want to go down that road in a time crunch. Found this canvas on Amazon. I've bought from here before and I liked the construction and stability etc of the canvas. I am wondering though, which to order. If you look in the drop down box you see all different finishes at all different price points. Alkyd primed/ oil primed/ acrylic primed/ 3x 4x etc. Since my debacle this holiday season painting straight on a store bought canvas without adding extra gesso coats as i normally do, and getting weird pin holes all through my painting... I hesitate to buy any canvas and not re gesso it myself... so if thats the case, I should just go with the cheapest option right? or would i be safe with this brand, painting right on the surface?


  • JessicaArt

    Make it easy on yourself, use Dibond with some Rustoleum primer.


  • SummerSummer -
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    @JessicaArt  A couple things come to mind.  Have you thought of finding a local or online furniture shop that will build your substrates for you?  To your specifications in every detail?  I did this for a few years before I converted to aluminum panels.  There are some groups of people who prefer buying paintings done on canvas rather then on aluminum.  I'm betting the racing crowd prefers canvas.  Summer   :)   
  • I also recommend switching to dibond. Its easier and cheaper than canvas and is better for the longevity of your paintings. Ask paul about where to buy it in the U.S.
  • Yeah...I really DO want to try diabond... but now not the time to test new things...I'm in crunch time. My show opens the end of July so I have a little over a month to do as much as possible. I asked the gallery and they said not to bother with linen. So i just went for the portrait smooth canvas. We'll see if it arrives un harmed. I have serious doubts on that! Haha
  • That canvas seems way over-priced. Many shops that do framing also stretch canvases and can do it to any size. They are usually the people a person would go to to re-stretch a painting. I think Horse racing enthusiasts would be very traditional and prefer the canvas over metal panels.  just my unlearned speculation. I agree that you should reprime or regesso your preprimed canvas. When you go for super-realism/detail, I would guess that linen would be a better choice and take less sanding to get the surface you need. Good Luck.
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