Advice on painting my studio

Hello again all,
I am currently in the process of converting a room into a studio. Light from the window is taken care of but I'm stuck on what colour to paint the walls.
Would black or a neutral grey be preferable? Any advice would be much appreciated thanks 
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  • Intothevoid

    Matt black is the best paint to reduce glare and reflection but is not attractive from a design viewpoint.

    Suggest exploring some of the mid range gray / green / red / blue combos.


  • Haha thanks, those pictures are wonderful, now I either want to decorate my house or paint those rooms in oils   :)
    I'm not really bothers about aesthetics for the studio but maybe a black room may be a little oppressive. Will look at the other suggestions first.
  • I love my flat black😎
  • I'm in the same fix. I'm leaning toward a darker shade of the neutral brown we stain with. All the grays seem too blue to me. 
  • If I had no windows, glass doors and closet doors I would go with flat black. To compound matters my walls have that seventies popcorn texture. Getting it scraped down cost more than painting.
  • I had popcorn ceilings.  And worse, there were two types due to a renovation.  Turned out to be easy to deal with.   I just scrapped most of it off and it fell straight down to the covered floor as the dust was basically stones.  Most of the texture was foam balls that easily came off with a taping knife.  Some of it was something like quartz, and had to b filled.  Since  they use it one ceiling to cover a bad job, I had to plaster the whole ceiling.  Probably walls would be OK. For the ceiling I just painted it with compound that was pretty soupy, and had a little acrylabond in it, basically gesso.  Once that is up, smooth it with a 12"  knife.  No sanding is required. Turned out so well a contractor tried to hire me.  I kinda like that stuff, tough.  Most people are more sensible.
  • If the popcorn was painted black, that would eat the light.  Then you just fill it as described above with compound, or scrape it off, whichever is easier, if you ever have to "restore" it. I would rather do either, than try to paint over it.
  • If the popcorn is not pig popcorn is unpainted, spray water on it and scrape it off. Messy but it works
  • In Mark's March video, he shows his small studio.  He even says you can have white wall if the lights are OK.
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  • Dark green would be a lovely colour for the walls if you didn’t want black. Check out Farrow and Ball paint for dark colour inspiration. 
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