Wetland Experience Photo Collection

I needed to improve my photos of birds in flight, so I headed to our local wetland to see if there were any photo opportunities. The answer is yes.  I have been going back, almost daily, for a few hours each morning.  I would like to share my photos with you.  There are many, but this is a collection for reference.  Some are terrible.  Some I really like.  If something catches your eye, by all means paint it.  You have my permission.

It is very peaceful to be hunkered down in the cattails surrounded by the sights and sounds of the marsh.  I strongly recommend you go wading.

Here is the link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157708452490725

Some examples:
Eared grebe portrait.  Very curious, they often swim just feet from the blind.

Drake blue-winged teal.  Very fast, and very hard to get focused for the shot.

Drake redhead.  When the water is like glass, the duck seems to float in a void.

Here is another example.  A drake shoveler floats through the screen.

The Franklin's gulls often fly by to get a better look at me, giving me a better look at them.  

I won't post anymore, so that this doesn't take forever to load.  Thanks for looking. 
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