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i have reference photo in my 7" tablet and I want to overscale to 90cm X60cm canvas......I tried using proportional divider and its wrong! I then just measured from reference  and overscale in proportion to the canvas by pencil and scale. Is it possible to overscale a small reference using proportional divider larger than life size? please comment anyone


  • Sujanith

    Welcome me to the Forum.

    I would not use PD for such a task.
    Suggest using software to grid up the tablet image, resize to 90x60, print out overlapped mosaic prints that have been reduced to b&w and a line image. Grid up the 60x90 canvas and draw, transfer or trace.


  • I agree with Denis. You can't do it with a PD from a 7" tablet. Print the photo and use a grid to scale up.
  • Thanks for your time
  • I do a lot of drawing in CAD.  Just because it is what I learned.  You can easily import photos, if that is your starting point, and specify any point, and transfer that either mechanically or with a projector.  You can also easily work with aspect ratios to get a better output from your photo given sources of distortion.

    However, I assume there is better software to actually do this.  Any ideas?
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