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I'm traveling for the next month but I want to paint when I can.

Believe it or not, I cram all of these art supplies in a little cupboard space when I am away:

I've managed to get quite the stash the past couple of years - we rent our condo when we are not here so I have to hide it all when I leave - this is my new messy studio in Florida. :)  

Unfortunately, this sunroom is facing West - I put a shower curtain liner on the table when I paint here and have this little portable easel.

My kitchen has a great East window so it is perfect after noon - natural light .   I rigged up a placemat for a neutral backdrop and picked a rose out of my bouquet.  I hope I don't mess up the kitchen now - this is new to me.

this is as far as I was able to get today  - it's a little 5x7 linen panel that looks horrible right now- I hope to complete it tomorrow.

So, the conditions are not ideal but I'll make it work for the next month somehow.
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  • Looks like a very comfortable place to paint!
  • So the answer to havi g a tidy studio was to use a second house.. Brilliant! :D
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  • You could call it "Ramblin' Rose" and play Nat King Cole singing it when you show it off.  I know you have a French box-easel, I'm curious why you didn't bring that instead. Florida is a great place for plein air. Especially Pleinsacola. You could use it indoors or out.  I'm also curious why you'd cover such an awesome glass palette with a shower curtain.
  • my kitchen set up didn't work - I wasn't comfortable and my rose died rather quickly -  I'll settle for the West facing sunroom
    the lemon/lilac was a WIP I was never pleased with - I decided to paint from my imagination today because my rose had also died
    the rose is 5x7 and the lemon/lilac is 8x10

    @Richard_P    hahaha   let's just say my CA studio is staying clean while I am away - in the meantime, I need to be particular not to mess up this place  - I have no mediums or solvents here so I wrap my brushes in tinfoil (loading them with oil paint first) - these two are pretty much "failure" paintings but that is perfectly okay - I am trying to get comfortable here - not every painting is going to be a masterpiece.  @CJD I'm trying my best to make it comfortable - I'm trying to find a way - just glad to be able to paint while I am here.    @BOB73 do you know how much I would have to pay to bring my French easel???!!!!!!!!  I'll have to make do with what I have on hand.  I have a nature preserve area that has benches so I will sit there with this portable easel on my lap - the only problem is alligators so it is nerve wracking - seriously,....  this alligator was on the bank of the preserve - would you be able to relax and paint en plein air knowing this could be coming up from behind?  
    that is a picture that I took - alligators are rampant around here - no joke.
  • Squirt em with cadmium yellow!
  • WIKEN said:
    You just flip them over, rub their belly, and they go limp.  It helps if you repeat "Who's a good boy"  over and over.
    @BOB73 you have serious competition with this one!
  • I'm not going to tell my stories of alligators in Florida except to say don't under estimate their speed on land and their sneaky ways of pretending to be asleep then stealing your Kentucky fried chicken.
  • The cadmium yellow comment reminds me of Yellowstone.  Years ago, the powers-that-be thought it would be a good idea to mark any aggressive bison with yellow paint balls so tourists would know to steer clear.  Only problem is every bison is aggressive when you walk up to it for a picture.  "Paint that one, too, and get me to a hospital."
  • @Julianna ,  I love the loose style of your paintings.  If I were to paint that way, I would second guess myself and get caught up in details.
  • BOB73

    Did you hear the one about ...

    A patrol officer questioned a Florida couple who said they were collecting frogs and snakes from an underpass.
    Suspicious, the officer searched their car, asking have you got anything else? The lady then pulled a foot long alligator out of her track pants. Clearly a snappy dresser. Wildlife authorities continue the investigation.

    Just found the story https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-05-07/florida-woman-pulls-alligator-yoga-pants-during-traffic-stop/11089522


  • @WIKEN , paint my balls yellow, I'll be aggressive too.
    @dencal thanks. Florida tourists have been pilfering Florida's flora and fauna for over a century. John Muir was one of its founders in 1905. Society members were sometimes "deputized" by local judges and empowered to confiscate birds and feathers and other things from people especially those collecting for hat companies. They were in effect the first "Game Wardens" and had arrest powers. But I'm guilty of that same kind of pilferage. In my early years, residing near the Florida Everglades, my teenage friends and I would collect snakes, scorpions, spiders and lizards for the Miami Sepentarium, a tourist trap, but a very educational one and they provided antivenin to the medical community. The going rate was $1.00 a foot for poisonous snakes and a dollar a head for everything else. Stupid way to earn spending money but beats mowing lawns for a dollar.
  • @BOB73 alligators are extremely fast - Survival tip #1 - If an alligator is chasing you on the ground - run in a zig zag pattern  - if you run in a straight line, you don't stand a chance.  I've had a few close calls in my lifetime - thankfully, I'm still alive.

    @WIKEN thank you for the kind words - painting is HARD!  I am constantly second guessing myself and correcting and adjusting and tossing and turning …..  I know that I have to trust my heart - honor myself.  I constantly evaluate and pay attention to what I find beautiful and try to make some nice paintings.  It doesn't come easy - but you already know that.
  • Just found this:

    It can't be archival.. But thought Julianna would like it :)
  • @Richard_P !!!!!!!   holy cow!  When I read that his paintings can take up to a month to dry, I thought - WHAT????   but then saw he uses acrylic paint...    i'm surprised even acrylic paint dries in a month with that texture!  that was incredible.  thank you for sharing
  • As to my earlier John Muir reference, I was talking  about the Audubon Society. Many of the larger Alligators I've encountered had cataracts so were much easier to evade.  The best way to stay safe when an alligator is around is to hide in the top branches of a tree and make a sound like a carrot.
  • With brown bears and lots town bears and rain keep me painting inside.
  • Sorry, I need to proofread before posting.
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