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Making the Color checker and applications as a summer project 2013

Just finished making my own Color Checker as per DrawMixPaint site. Last summer my project was to build self-watering containers. Spent about $100 bucks, grew $200 worth of fresh vegetables in pots, but wound up in the hospital with an $8000 emergency double hernia surgery moving pots and soil. So the Color Checker seemed like a safer “indoor sport” this year and today as I was making it my glasses band pulled out and broke so I incorporated that into a “wrist strap” for the color checker. All looks good and I am ready for my next painting project… *Note* Mark was right about holding thing upright and letting it cure properly. Does anyone have a suggestion / fix for epoxy that might have accidentally dripped onto my wife’s red Spanish tiles on our porch… lest I wind up in the hospital again?


  • Take a super sharp wood chisel and shave it off a little at a time. That will remove all that is sitting on top of the tile, but if the tiles are porous a spot is bound to remain. If the tiles are glazed, you might be able to remove all of it. If the tiles are glazed and the floor had been waxed recently, you might get lucky and be able to lift-off the entire splotch of epoxy in one shot by putting that sharp chisel between the glue and the tile and carefully prying up on it. Don't cut yourself.
  • GaryGary -
    edited May 2013
    Super job on the color checker! As far as your wife's tiles go, make sure your hospital insurance is current! Good luck... :)
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