Cyclones in Liz's area

Just skyped Liz and there are 2 cyclones headed in her direction!!!...they are just getting ready to hunker down in the cyclone bunker....everybody keep your eyes on the sky for Far SE Kansas!!


  • Hope she has room for all her puppies as well in the bunker. My daughter-in-law is from a small town in Kansas and unfortunately living with the tornado threat is part of the live style. Seems like they've had their unfair share of storms over the last few years however. Hang on tight Liz!
  • I've been watching it all day! Hail the size of grapefruits and terrible tornados in Kansas, Oklahoma. It's really bad! I pray her family is okay.
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    Watched this most of the night. It's really horrible there and only going to get worse. Please check in Liz when you can!!!!
  • Well, I gave up on the storm and went to bed....did not blow away but we had a lot of limbs down....all my patio furniture was next door...someone who used to have black shingles needs to please come pick their roof up outta my driveway. Supposed to have more tonight and the 2nd anniversary of the big one is the 22nd of this month. We still don't have half of that built back!
  • Glad everything is ok Liz :-*
  • Good lord, I have never witnessed weather like that .... Irish weather ,warm rain in Summer and Cold rain in Winter...Occasional day of snow that we talk about for months,glad Liz is ok... [-O<
  • Glad to learn you're okay Liz...unfortunately many others aren't...that storm was a bad one. People in that part of the country will probably have to consider new and better methods of home construction. Reinforced concrete domes come to mind.
  • We survived another evening in the shelter. Had twisters all around us and one went over our business and touched down in the next town over. We faired this horrible night well thank God.
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  • I was thinking of you all day! I've been watching this on the news and it's horrible. They keep mentioning a big one to hit Joplin. Please be safe and please check in! Don't take it for granted like you do most of the time!!!!! Go to your shelter!!!!!
  • :(( I'm soo happyyyyyyyy.... :((
  • Liz.....along with family members and the puppies, don't forget to take the paint mill with you to the shelter as well!! :D
  • You have no idea how heavy that paint mill is!!!
  • Was watching some of the coverage of the Oklahoma tornado and wondering why they did not build storm shelters in their schools after being hit so bad in 1999. Joplin has storm shelters built on the site of all the temporaray schools and plan to have huge permenant ones at the 6 schools that have to be rebuilt here. 2 years ago today we had one of these massive things change our lives and I really feel for those people. My daughter and son in law rode it out in their car and were so lucky to live, I knew 6 people of the 162 that died personally and is hard to watch the news coverage and not grab a chain saw and go help like so many people did for Joplin. If you want to contribute to help please give to the Red Cross. They are on the ground there taking care of all kinds of needs for the tornado survivors. You just can't imagine trying to live in a town that has been destroyed and was always a welcome site to see those Red Cross trucks roll through every couple of hours with food and drinks.
  • It's heartbreaking Liz. I do not understand why these schools did not have shelters for these babies. So glad you are okay although it's just the beginning of the season. This warmed my heart....

  • Happy to hear all is safe in Liz's house. Donna
  • Happy to hear all is safe in Liz's house. Donna
  • My neighbor and his search and rescue dog just got home last night from Moore. He said it was totally different than searching in Joplin. They have live electric wires still everywhere. He had to be very careful and carry his dog over all kinds of live wires. The water was still on which could be a big reason people drowned in their basements. Just makes you wonder. They sent his team of search and rescue people home....we were searching for at least 2 weeks for people trapped under the rubble and were no where near stating everyone was accounted for this quick. Hope they are correct and only lost that many people.
  • Glad your OK Liz, I built Monolithic Domes( all concrete ) 1200 sg ft each built three together attached. with the lofts there 5,000 square ft. here in Las Vegas, You can build them for under $80 a square foot. Under $60 if you do some of the work. I was a General Contractor, they can stand up to 400 mile an hour winds, may not be pretty but they last forever. Will send photos if you like.
  • I would like to see a photo of those billj
  • gfish said:

    I would like to see a photo of those billj

    Me, to. The range of talents we have here in our Forum Family is just amazing :)
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