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My drying wall finally built!

Finally got around to my master plan of using peg board for floor to ceiling drying wall space! I love it! I had paintings and easles all over the place and could barely move! Now I feel like I have so much space! And it's nice to see them all up together. Need to varnish and bring some up to the gallery to make space for more! take notice of the cat checking out the new layout. Lol this is about 2 seconds before he walked all over my pallet. Did I mention how nice it is to have a door to shit him OUT of the studio! Haha 
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  • The pegboard is a brilliant idea!
  • edited May 2019
    Thanks! I love the flexibility in terms of moving things around. Big/small/long etc.
  • That's a great space, @JessicaArt. Puss obviously thinks so, too. I guess he/she enjoys the paintings as much as we do. :)
  • Thanks @tassieguy haha he's my shaddow. Follows me EVERYWHERE. I should make him a little window seat. He likes to chill with me while I paint, at least he's grown out of the phase where he wanted to be held while I paint (as a hes not cuddly at all ☹)
  • I love your drying wall  @JessicaArt!  and looking at your beautiful paintings at one place feels amazing!
  • Excellent innovations! both the wall and the hooks.
  • Great to have a drying wall, and already white pegboard is the better choice. I used to have a cat that loved sleeping under my chair where I was painting, he knew when I was finished a painting session and jump up on my lap for cuddles. I didn't even have to train it.
  • @JessicaArt Love the wall!!!  Sorry for bringing this up again, but I think how you painted the jackets of the men sitting on the rail is so outstanding that maybe a slight adjustment could be made to the green pole.  Attention would be more focused on the jackets.  I'm thinking a gray pole now that I'm seeing it from this perspective.  Removal of the pole wouldn't be necessary then.  imho   :)  Summer  
  • Yeah..@summer that green pole bothers me a bit too...but I'm worried the white wont cover the pthalo green.  Plus there's some spots of texture where the paint is thicker on the pole so I'm worried I'll make a mess of it trying to cover....but maybe a gray pole or at least less vibrant pole would help matters. 
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