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Hello everyone!

I just started painting a few weeks ago and by following the dmp method I just completed my first portrait! Figured since I've been reading posts from this forum I might as well join lol. Happy to hear some constructive criticism since this is only my third painting.


  • Welcome. Great job for a noob. Work on subtlety and watch out for over- defining lines like her hair over her breasts. You're getting their fast. Good luck.
  • Looking good -- keep going!  A few suggestions - play with the hairline by pushing face color up into the hair area and/or bringing hair color down into skin tone face area -- unless she is wearing a wig, the hairline is always a mix of skin tone and hair.  For finishing hair areas use a smallish brush and add single strands here and there on top of and just slightly outside the mass areas as highlights and accents to give the rest of your blocked in areas a more realistic look.  You may have been already planning to do this....

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    Very impressive for a first portrait. I can't stop looking at...
    Suggestion: if you really want to further develop your skills (already fulsome) then perhaps there'd be at least two less distractions in a still life.   :)
  • Thanks for the replies! I'm working on another portrait right now and I'll try to apply your advice as I go! 
  • This is very good! A portrait with personality. Something mesmerizing about that face. I love the softness of her face and the background. I agree with other comments about her hairline and hair, seems a bit stiff. And her breasts are placed way too high up on her body  :) Looking forward to seeing your next ones
  • Hi Thomas, welcome  =) , thanks for posting.
    You have captured a great expression on the sitter’s face. For your next painting I would suggest focussing on edges- soft, hard and lost- this can help with volume and form. And yep, breasts too high- we can only wish that they are actually like this.
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    I love her look , some paintings even if realistic put off no personality ,  but this throwing it . 
  • Great start. Next step is to learn about edges. In portraits most edges are soft (typically) while in yours they're all hard. Then understand that getting gradients right is also important. Some gradients are off which messed up your drawing in some areas. Spending a lot of time perfecting edges and gradients is just as important as getting the values right.
  • Pretty good job for a third painting.
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