How to respond to individual comments

How can I respond to individual comments in a thread? I cannot find any Respond buttons below or above the comments, only the field for adding a new comment at the very bottom of the thread. Is there an icon somewhere?


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    Hi @toneli

    I don't think you can make a response under individual comments in posts.

    The `Leave a Comment` box tends to be at the end of the thread you are viewing.

    However, if you wish to address an individual in that then you can type @...and their username.

    Usually the choice or persons name comes up automatically as you are typing.

    I have done this at the beginning of this response to you.

    I hope that helps

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    Oh and just to add, the "Quote" tab can be useful too.

    For example, if I had pressed that under your initial post above, it would repeat what you have said above and state that it is from you, in this box.

    I could then refer to that specifically if I wished to.
  • When the @ prefix is used it will notify that user that you mentioned him/her in that thread. Since you started this discussion (thread) you will be notified of all comments added so we don't need to put the @ before your name to know you will see it.
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