Should this be worrisome?

I've noticed this at the top of the page lately when I come to the forum. Is that normal that it's "not secure"? 


  • JessicaArt

    How can anyone be secure, talking with a bunch like these guys?

    Just a standard and routine label that the new Apple OS will attach to every website that doesn’t have a certificate or has not yet been screened by Apple.


  • Hahah @dencal okay great thanks for clearing that up!
  • SummerSummer -
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  • PaulBPaulB mod
    It is worrisome.  I reported this months ago, when @MikeDerby raised the concern, but nothing has been done. I have no power to do anything about it.

    HTTPS certificates are free these days, and trivial to obtain and set up.  I don't know why this has not been addressed.  @Gamble_Nelkin can we ask for this again please?

    It means all communication is not secure between you and the server hosting this site.  Your password, for example, is communicated "in the clear", meaning unencrypted. Luckily this is not a site where you have need for a credit card, but we do swap addresses sometime, and still, it's bad practice, 
  • I don't even have an apple - I have an old regular HP laptop and I've been seeing it.  My computer is so screwed up - I have a lag - so when I type, it is about a second behind - I have so many typos and hard to read sentences but I just keep typing....  I want a new laptop but i'd rather buy art supplies instead.  So, when you see my weird sentences and poor grammar - it's not all me.  Glad to know I wasn't the only one with an unsecure computer.
  • If you are worried about typing in your password, you can type in https:// before the website address and hit enter. It will look like this when you have it right for this topic:

    Then everything except the images you are viewing will be secure. The site does have a valid SSL certificate, it is just not fully implemented to include the images or to force views into the https:// mode. At least half the websites I visit are set up the same way. You will probably have to re enter the https:// the next time you come here, but while on the site, at least for me the secure browser setting follows me to any page in the forum. 
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