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How to "redo" a light area that should be darker?

Painting a dark greenish river with one area of white/gray reflection that has lots of horizontal dapples in it.  I painted this area with light paint and now it sticks out badly.  I'd like make it smaller.  Should I wipe it off with paper towel and start over?  And, heh heh, maybe a suggestion how to paint the dark horizontal dapples over the light area? 


  • This is all my opinion of course...but I would wipe out that area with a rag the best you can. It’s going to be hard to put in nice darks with all that white’ll end up with that milky/chalky look. 

    As as far as how to put horizontal lines over the light area. You can do that like you would over the rest of the water. Just use the edge of a brush or a small brush and gently put in those lines. Make sure to keep it “abstract” (not with an obvious pattern)... and you can let some the lines mix more with the lighter paint then others so you get a variety of values. 
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    Remove with cloth, or a paint shaper. I like paint shaper, because it makes less mess. Then again,I don't have any rags.

    It sounds like you want to paint in layers, in which case you could let the first layer dry and just paint over.

    If you want to follow DMP and paint alla prima, then you don't paint layers, you would have laid down the darker colors first, and put the lighter areas around it.

  • Thanks for the replies.  edavision, that milky area you spoke of is what was happening when I tried to correct.  And I learned about the abstract vs obvious pattern in another area.  So you are right there!  I stood at a lake yesterday and watched the wind move the water and imagined how I would paint that.  Also the reflections.  It was a good thing to stand and think for awhile. 

    Paul, I did want follow DMP here but decided to put it away and let it dry for awhile.  Because I started by painting all the dark tree branches up top, I couldn't paint the glorious yellow fall leaves over that.  So much for figuring out how to paint my first landscape! 
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