When I bought my new house I inherited the below watercolors - I took them of the wall and started to remodel the place, yesterday I was throwing out rubbish, and took another look, I opened up the frames and wow they are bloody good, not sure who the artist is or was but I will do some research most likely local - I will reframe and hang them somewhere as they are now part of the history of the house - what do you think?



  • These are distinctly Hawaiin and very beautiful, good craftsmanship, incredibly good watercolor paintings by someone who was very well taught the craft. The quality of watercolor paint that was used is very good, maybe W&N. That artist was on their way to be masterful at it, no kidding! Their painting technique demonstrates this. And they must have loved realism in watercolor. They also used acid free quality watercolor paper.
  • @Forgiveness I totally agree well worth saving 
    they where individually framed but I will frame them all together one on top of the other and I got a wall I can place them  I will also call the framer that did the original frames and do some digging ion the artist W F HIll 
    thank you 

  • Lovely watercolours. Maybe the artist once lived in that house? I bought a house that had previously been owned by an artist. It came with one of her paintings. When I sold the house I passed the painting onto the new owner.
  • These are really fine watercolours. Glad you didn't toss them out.
  • Sometimes an artist will leave a piece of art work(s) just to say thank you for such a pleasant stay, bless this house and take care of it. All the best to the new tenant(s).
     I learned this from my past associations, some very close, some quite intimate, with artists in my area.
  • When I sell it maybe I will leave my ken Dodd - 

  • Hey these are nice. Slightly sharp but nice.
  • So I just put these in the framers,  Hawaii pricing,..for three frames / floating mount wood style steel frame 
    1st quote for all three $1;202
    2nd quote - $980 
    final and agreeed $640 one week turnaround 

    three differing shops on one small island - shop around,..l
  • W. F. hill is on art net but art net doesn’t show the image of the art that was auctioned.
    a bit of research and I am sure you will be able to find out more about that artist.  First name is William.

    those are excellent paintings.
  • Those prices (and the difference between them) are massive! :o
  • The paintings are really beautiful --- So glad you are keeping them. I would love to see them framed. 
  • I moved a beautiful timber Queenslander to Byron Bay once, and when renovating it, I found a board in the attic which had the name of the builders and the date - I think from memory it was about 1924.  I know this is not quite the same thing, but I think people really appreciate some of the history which is connected to a house, so I made sure I passed it on to the next owner. (Evidently this was the custom back in that era - for all I know, it still might be the custom)
  • I contacted the Hawaiian water color society, and they do not know who the artist is, but they are starting an investigation page in their monthly magazine, lets see what comes up.
    She also said, this is very common, they get a fair number of these puzzles every few years or so, she said that it surprisingly common that artists even in modern times do not put any info on the back of their art work, so remember guys - add the info, you never know who may end up owning it  
  • They look beautiful! @alsart Congrats!
  • Wow!  Lucky you.  They look amazing.
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    Dianna said:
    I moved a beautiful timber Queenslander to Byron Bay once
    An impressive feat of strength.
  • I am a beginner at watercolor painting. An impressive artwork takes a lot of effort, both in painting and storage. Can you show me some ways to store watercolor paintings?
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    They look awesome, @alsart! I'm glad someone resurrected this thread because I missed your last post with the picture of them on the wall.  :)

    @mimirichman, if you like your watercolors then store them on a wall. If you don't, then store them in a cupboard or in the trash can.    :)
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