WiP_Jungle. Study phase (14X18)

I generally don't do this but here it is a bit confusing. I want to know if this image looks natural enough. I don't want it to have photographic value error. 

Photoshopped images of an overcast day. 

CFP cooler

CFP warmer

Values of the above

Notan of the above



  • All the versions look natural enough to me @Kaustav. But I'm not convinced about the dominant foreground vines, that seem to compete for attention with the real focal point which is the path disappearing into the distance

  • Roxy said:
    All the versions look natural enough to me @Kaustav. But I'm not convinced about the dominant foreground vines, that seem to compete for attention with the real focal point which is the path disappearing into the distance

    Can you please give me an example if possible? Also suggest between cool or warmer focal point.
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    Looks like an amazing place,@Kaustav. Love the twisting vines.  And the greens are gorgeous. (But, then, I'm a greeny.)  It's an ovecast day but the light looks fine to me. The main problem I see is composition. It's a great raw photo with almost infinite crooping possibilities but if it's the vines that interest you then how about a crop something like this?:

  • The processed image have areas of strange blurring on some parts of the leaves. Not sure how you managed that..

    I would consider something like this (but without painting the vine that hangs on the path):

  • For me, my eye is spending most of the time following this arc.

    But then it recognises there is a path, and it wants to follow this arc.

    And then it starts flipping back between the two, which for some reason I find distracting, as I don't know where to focus my attention

    Its as if I want to be guided to just one point in the image, for example just the path leading off into the distance, like my doctored image below (which is, I admit, a fairly traditional compositional device, and rather tame compared to your bold swinging vines)

    As for the question of warmer or cooler, I think the dominance of the elements of the composition (the vines vs the path) outweighs any consideration of the slight differences in colour temperature. At this stage, at least to me, the colour temperature is a secondary issue.

    Hope that makes it clearer.
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    I like what you've done, @Roxy. Totally agree about the opposing (confusing, annoying) arc and path. But there's lots to like about this photo. I find Kaustav's original version better in terms of value and colour and clarity as per Richard's observations.  It just needs judicious editing (as you have shown) to arrive at a pleasing composition.
  • Thanks very much @Roxy @tassieguy @Richard_P

    I see what you mean. Definately @Roxy version looks amazing. I can work on that by adding some vines from a different angle. 

    I'm facing problem with too much mass on the left side. But removing that it's a predictable composition too. Let my work upon @Roxy composition by making some sketches.
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    I tried something different, making the pathway more prominent, leading into a lighter, warmer area, while darkening and cooling the vegetation making it into a tunnel.  Removed one of offending branches.

    I'm not very adept at this, but I think it conveys what I wanted.

  • Thanks @PaulB it looks greately romantic no doubt. But I feel that when we see thing that are close and in the shade should be cooler. They dont look that dark unless there is a setting Sun obstructed by objects. Dont you agree?
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    The sketch is incomplete. I will finish it this weekend. Even though the shapes and colors are not totally there, but you can see that the composition works with this scale.

  • Here is an editing of @Roxy composition and later @PaulB take on this.

    Here I havn't kept it that dark but made it slightly darker. I guess this looks better as well.

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    The bottom one I think works best. I find there is more contrast and adds dimension and a little more dynamic to the scene. This makes the path as the center of focus. The top photo may be too flat?
  • Personally I'd like the arcing vines the prominent feature and make the trail slightly visible in the left most foreground and letting a smaller path lead up to the fines and a little bare area under the vines but the trail would be as if it was made for people to visit the vines, maybe sit or even swing on them. It would be a great background for wedding or graduation pictures and family portraits. 
  • The vines give it a pre-historic/raw/way-into-the-bush kind of feel. I wish there was more directional light.  But that's just me.
  • I have to admit that I like vines also, as I come across this in my wilderness walks and always amazed at them when I witness this. It's part of nature, naturally.
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    Nice! Great texture.  Is this sketch for a larger painting, Kaustav?
  • Thanks @tassieguy yes. Just to see if it looks alright. For painting it seems that a warm yellow if needed
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    Yes, I think both a warm and a cool yellow (and warm and cool greens) would be needed for high realism.  I guess that to your yellows and greens you would add red for warmth and blue for coolness.  :) 
  • The sketch is good. Great textures would like more sky holes and contrast btween light and dark foiliage just my taste tho. like the big vines a lot.

  • I have started working on a 14X18 study of the above. Will post a photo of it when it is done. It is becoming a standard procedure of mine to do a 5X7 and a slightly bigger study (12X16 or similar). 

    What could be a better size for the main painting?  My usual 18X24 or bigger 24X30. I am beginning to like painting big ones because it allows my to use full arm motion. I guess 24X30 wou;dn't be an overkill for this.
  • CFP cooler is the best, imho.  :)  The center limb makes the scene unique.
  • I love the texture and light and the mystery it creates.  I am really looking forward to seeing how this progresses!
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    @Bancroft414 and @Summer  This is a 14X18 study panel. I'm still working on it.
    Here I'm using mostly pthalo green and Prussian blue with a warm yellow. But in the final I'll go with Ivory black, pthalo green, sap green and warm yellow. 

    Is it ok to do big size for this? Bigger paintings involve the viewer in the scene and easier to do detailing. It should be good.

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