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Third Youtube vid

I like the video for this one despite the painting not being my best work!

Kept this one on the shorter side.. sub 5 minutes :)

Thanks for looking



  • i think i like the editing, in the earlier ones better, am not saying in terms of quality, just that, it was more of equal time spent on all parts of the panting earlier...
    love how the nose was painted though....
  • I think that artists who want to see how someone else paints might be more interested in the longer videos, while random people who click on the thumbnail on Youtube might be interested in shorter ones. What do you think @anwesha

    I think I prefer shorter faster ones where the image comes together quickly
  • i agree... but my personal choice for shorter videos would be shorter because of a "speeded up" version rather than short because of cropping/cutting version.... that's just me :)
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    When I started, I just liked watching people paint, because magic happens as a blank canvas turns into a mess which eventually becomes something wonderful.

    As I started learning, I wanted to hear all the details and understand what was going on.

    Now I just want to watch people paint again, without them telling me nine times which brush they are holding, and which kind of yellow is needed.  I can figure out what is being done, so it becomes a different kind of spectator sport, one that is essentially a showcase of a style and methodology.  Just as interesting.
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