My time with Mark and David

Just wanted to share what an awesome hostess I was to these two in my home. They were late getting in (past my 10 pm bedtime) so I just left the door unlocked with directions to their bedrooms. David was unable to get to his due to the fact that I have....let me quote Mr. Mark Carder..."one dog shy of being the crazy dog lady". He was unable to get all the way upstairs to his room because of the growling so just had to sack out somewhere downstairs. I did finally get them some food sometime on day 2 or 3....thank God Joplin got the Chick Filet
( sp) built back before they came or they would have starved to death! There is no sweet tea to be found in my house so thinking Mark could have gone into DT's at anytime. David is a black coffee guy like me so he can come back anytime. ; )


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