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This is some old Liverpool guys,..does the image look to "blue" ? - I rate this as "hard to paint" any thoughts ? - why snow, I quite like the fact that it would hang in Hawaii, the background would not be detailed but "suggested"
The image below is a 3 level posterized image.



  • Painting that just might stiffen my style but good luck to you if you paint them. Suggesting the building in the back is a good idea but will that make the snow less obvious.
  • It would be hard to paint. But more with all the details than the snow itself.
  • I would rate this as hard to paint too =)
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    I still love all those songs, @MichaelD. I grew up with them. All those years ago and yet they're as fresh in my mind as if I heard them on the radio only yesterday.  :) 
  • Looks like a bad dandruff day to me. I'ts detailed, but probably no harder than other subject matter (right value, right colour, right place...). I would worry that the snow might be difficult to interpret given its a somewhat unusual situation - might raise questions over the size of seagulls in Liverpool.

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    I like this image all around, it has meaning in it for me, but to make a painting would require much sketch work while applying much simplification until I got it right. The building in the background could possibly be rendered as a simple wash with little detail, but with just enough contrast to highlight the snow on the figures. Maybe 'cause I'm from Canada I can relate with the snow, and I find interest at what appears like snow melting right under their feet. I also have photos of a bronze sculpture in snow that I will be painting soon and I have similar challenges as yours above that I have already worked out ready for a painting.
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    If painted realistically this would be hard to put across.  I think it could work with the building and figures greatly simplified with lots of abstraction as in Monet's paintings of Rouen Cathedral or his haystacks.  However, with the snow on  them and the darkness of their faces, it would be very difficult to make the figures recognisable as The Beatles.  But maybe the title would help in that regard. I don't mean to put you off painting this, @alsart. I'm just thinking about the problems I would have trying to paint this.  :)

    The Fab 4 will live forever!!!!  :)
  • tassieguy said:
    I still love all those songs, @MichaelD. I grew up with them. All those years ago and yet they're as fresh in my mind as if I heard them on the radio only yesterday.  :) 
    I still love them too, and one of our local bands too  :) (I hail from there as well as alsart)

    I went to same high school as McCartney and Harrison (a number of years later I may add), and the art school Lennon attended was next door.

    This one looks a challenge, I hope you go fro it @alsart, why not :-)

  • Thanks for all the comments guys - I will give this a go, but I have one more small one before this, when I "eventfully" get time to start in my new studio, is very busy at the moment,...
  • This image from my software shows all the first steps darkest areas - which are actually blue / purple steps - I am not sure if I will print my 3 level posterized on to a wood panel (like yosser) or trace out the image,hmmm,.........

  • Anybody know how to blur the background in affinity photo - been trying but failing 
  • Select the bit you want to blur (if it's not the whole thing) then go to filters/blur/ median. You can do it as a separate layer so as not to lose the original. 
  • Thanks @tassieguy - i got it cracked  

  • I guess I need to learn how to paint a blurred background now,...but its just a lost edge / soft edge to get the effect is my guess - I should be set up within 3 weeks in my new studio / place
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    alsart said:
    I guess I need to learn how to paint a blurred background now
    Or just blur it more.
  • We well I am in, and going to start setting up my studio the light is not my light rig, I will make a new one and place it at full height looking down within the shelf , It’s all white I knows, but with the black out blinds down I can control how much light I want see photo with lights off and blinds down and flash off,!

  • Changed the orientation- this will accommodate the light rig better (10 rows LED @ 4700k temp ) please don’t say 5000k it’s my eyes,..
    And I reckon I can color match and mix in a controlled stable lighting environment - and if I then want to place the mixed values on my wood panel, I can in any god damm light I choose while lifting the black out blinds and watching my ducks walk past and the sun set,...AS LONG as I place the correct value in the right place - how can this fail!!!
    no need for black out curtains, or a tardis,
    yes yosser is in surgery for a repair, injured in moving, but he’s had worse ( for those that get that)
    and a floating brush holder,......

  • PaulBPaulB mod
    and if I then want to place the mixed values on my wood panel, I can in any god damm light I choose

    That's right *provided* you don't then look at it and decide it needs adjustment, i.e. trust the matching.
  • First try with the light rig - giving a constant spread and bright good color temp etc LED
    i guess I will not know till I start to paint, which will be really soon
    and I bet @PaulB  wants to know what’s in the box!,....

  • You know I somehow feel that the building doesn't go well with them. May be a strawberry field? Just an idea...
  • @Kaustav I too am not sure, it started as a memory thing of home, and maybe hang here in my home Hawaii, we will see, I am a one or two paintings away from this, after my studio set up is ready 
  • I finally, finally, have some time I can commit to this, sister and family from Liverpool arrive here in five weeks time, would be nice to give them this to take back - can I do it,...

  • When we was Fab,!.....The background has taken me over a month on and off,,,more off
    As you can see going left to right, a loosened up the brush strokes, and I had a huge debate with my father, he said that my windows where not blue enough, so I said i am painting from a ref photo that has them slightly blue grey,...Well he got on a bus and then bombarded me with actual photos from the dock side,...hence they are blue.....I also decided not to blur the background.
    zooming in its a mess, from 5 feet it looks very good,...
    More to follow soon - comments welcome as always

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    I like the blue windows, very smart because this will help with overall harmony in your painting. I still absolutely love those Beatles' harmonies! Looking forward!
  • About 90% of the background now complete - the shear amount of shadows on the building has been overwhelming, close up its rough ( i like that) but from the viewing distance of  4 - 5 feet it looks rather grand  - I expect the four main characters to go rather quickly as its just one color in four values
    Comments welcome.

  • Hard to believe this started April 2019 - anyhow slow is good, from just a few feet away its looking like some actual work has gone in to it, and it has 
    the sky was tricky around the blue shape ( museum) once I finish on the background I may need some value balance, due to various ref photos - comments are welcome 

  • It’s looking great so far!
  • So I seem to have more time on my hands these days,..
    A little more work on the background, this is one of the most complex paintings I have attempted, and the slowest for sure
    comments welcome & keep safe everyone

  • A little more progress 

  • Question —- I am so tempted to paint the suits ala Sargent pepper what do you think ?
    i am taking liberties with facial expressions by the way 

  • Looks great, @Alsart. Why not finish this one and then do another based on the Sargent Pepper photo? :)
  • Aloha @tassieguy I think I will plod on as planned - thank you and stay safe and well 
  • Another team member added 

  • All most done, working on the snow 

  • Well, it took a while but you did a great job with this, @alsart2. Looks fabulous!  :)
  • A lot of good hard work went into this. I'm glad that you persevered and finished it and looks great. I think you painted the snow quite well, it looks appealing given this is the greatest challenge in painting snow.
  • Thank you @Forgiveness I was glad to see the back of this one, ......
  • Well done! Looks like your most ambitious project so far! What's next? :)
  • Aloha @Richard_P - I have a small painting to do for my bro-in law which I am just about to start.
    But excitingly I am having weekly one on one lesson/ tuition with a well know artist for portraiture and its really great, he is teaching and guiding me in the classical approach, and we are leading up to copy a masterpiece, he studied at the Florence academy of Art before coming to Hawaii.
    I will post more as i work through it, under a different header,...


  • Yeah, this was an ambitious painting.  The figures are great and the amount of detail and handling of the building is amazing.   I also notice the dark shape in the background right is critical to balance the composition.
    I am looking forward to seeing your next painting.  It would be great to see you post the progress on that classical approach.
  • aloha @gto the building on the left is a modern condo building on Mann Island Liverpool, it very reflective in the right light, as you can see below

    Mann island Liverpool  Liverpool waterfront Liverpool

  • PaulBPaulB mod
    Very well done, Al.
  • Thanks @PaulB and @MichaelD I needed 8 days a week for this ,....stage left bob,,,,.?
  • Yes I its clear that it took more than A day in The Life, I Imagine you painted it with All your Lovin, you could see with each posting that it was Getting Better it really is Something and you did it without any Help, at least now you have finished you can Let it Be

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