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Second Youtube Video - Portrait Timelapse

Hey all here's the link to my second timelapse video. This one's of a portrait.

Thanks for looking and letting me know what you think!



  • Thank you for sharing! How long did you work on this?
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    Very high quality.  I blend the same way.
  • Thanks guys

    @Bancroft414 the editing took a while because I was figuring out how to do it all. I don't really have any experience with this kind of thing and was using an advanced program (Adobe Premiere). I actually edited and re-did the entire thing multiple times too as I found things to improve upon.

    I'm also doing a narrated version of this one. I might do a different edit for that too to try something different and see how it works.

    When I'm more skilled I will likely be able to edit a video like this in under 5 hours and that would be going very quickly.
  • @CJD, I loved seeing this video. I think I have proved to myself that I can do a sunflower but the very thought of a portrait scares me somehow.

    Watching this has helped, I look forward to the narrated version too.

    Thank you for posting.

  • Super-good job. Beautifully done in every regard. I especially appreciate your inclusion of creating your palette, something omitted by so many other YouTube artists. It was very instructional and needed no narration. The music choices were excellent as well.
  • Thanks guys glad you liked it :)

    @BOB73 don't forget to like and subscribe and share with all your friends
  • I did like it and all my friends (surviving friends) are right here. This is the sum total of my social media interaction.
  • You are right @PaulB.
    I should definitely not tell myself that I cant do something, when I haven't yet attempted it.

    I have found it useful to not think of the thing, be it object or flowers, as what it is, but just shapes.

    This frees my mind into not getting too hung up and makes for better results I find.

    You can paint a rabbit, just don't think of it as that :-)
  • Are you using Geneva paints? They seemed pretty transparent on the canvas..
  • again.. very professional editing!
  • Sorry I forgot to say the video is really well done!

    Is that all the colour strings you mixed? You seem to have more on the painting, or is that just where you blended?
  • Thanks again everyone,

    @Richard_P yeah it's Geneva. I always struggle getting thicker coverage on the gesso'd dibond. Never had a problem with canvas.

    I premix some piles but then do a lot of modifying and mixing as I go
  • Great video, impressive painting. This site always has welcome surprises, and your video qualifies.  I also like the way you have your website setup.  Hope to see more.
  • Excellent video, @CJD. And a lovely painting. 
  • Super job @CJD, very professional. It's interesting to compare techniques - I paint in a similar way, though I tend to blend by stippling with the tip of a stiff brush rather than smooshing (technical term) the edges of brush strokes together. Like you I also just mix a small number of 'average' colours, and then adjust from there - and I mix my paint with a small palette knife too.    
  • @Roxy i actually just bought two Rosemary smooshing brushes!

    I made a 60 sec timelapse of this one sped up to 1100% speed and I like it more than the long version. Dont think i can post it here though.. Its only on instagram. I think i will save the longer versions for ones with narration in the future
  • I have a couple of those smooshers too, really good  :)
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